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Deskero Announces Launch of New Help Desk Software for Social Customer Care

July 24, 2013
By Calvin Azuri, cobrowsingtechnology Contributor

Deskero recently announced the launch of its new help desk software to optimize and simplify customer care solutions. The new software, also named Deskero, is a cloud-based application that assimilates the conventional ticket system with advanced social features in an effort to enable organizations to better manage their customer care needs.

The software is functionally designed to leverage all aspects of social networking to dynamically assist organizations in managing their customer service requirements. Deskero can be launched from any computer with internet connectivity and integrates all requests for information for a company across any communication channel, including phone calls, emails, websites, chats and social networking sites.

Deskero will collate all the information from various channels and also streamline such information to enable instant access to the data at a future date. The cutting-edge features of Deskero are complimented by its wonderful graphic user interface, which is user-friendly and eliminates the need for training. The new software is also flexible and can be scaled up to meet the dynamic demands of the organization.

Deskero’s enterprise version can be customized according to the varied requirements from enterprises looking to optimize customer care spending. Deskero also has free version for non-professional users and a special plan designed for people leveraging social media features.

The software allows for the customization of a website’s graphic interface to cater to these various requirements, enabling the creation of templates for frequently asked questions and their answers. Deskero enables its customers to create a knowledge sharing database by providing solutions over public internet forums for clients to easily search and access data, which includes a chat system for instant connection with an agent, the ability collate comments and feedback instantly from the website, and tools to analyze social media trends for a brand in real time.

Deskero redefines the customer care model by empowering organizations to proactively engage the customers rather than to passively address their concerns. Deskero is a relatively new, self-funded initiative from Nabra Ltd. engaged in changing the conventional methods of customer care by building a personalized connect with the customer.

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