Optimize Windows for free – the best tools

Over time, a lot of useless data accumulates, slowing Windows down. Optimize your calculator for free to prevent slow launches and eternal landing times. We’ll show you some useful tools for that.

Optimize for free: start Windows faster – useful tools and tricks

With the program Autoruns you can set which programs should be loaded at system startup. Autoruns will also find hidden entries that the Windows Startup menu does not show. The fewer programs you load, the faster your computer starts up.

If you use Windows Hibernate mode, you can also save time on startup. For Windows 10, this mode is found in the “On / Off” menu. On Windows 8, you must first enable hibernation.

Your PC also starts faster if you bypass the login and log in automatically. In another practical tip, we show you how to switch off the logon for Windows 8 and 10.

When your computer starts up, the system checks your hard disk by default. However, you can bypass this step and save time. Press [Win] + [R] and enter “regedit”. Click through the menu items “HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE> SYSTEM> CurrentContollSet> Controll> SessionManager” and look for the value “BootExecute”. Right-click on “Change” and type in “autocheck autochk / k: C *”.

An upgrade to an SSD also speeds up your Windows startup considerably. You will find a list of best SSD hard drives on our homepage. The installation we explain in another practical tip.

Clean up Windows garbage and optimize storage – free tools

The CCleaner is a well-known and proven tool to remove useless data and gain storage space.

The program can also check your registry for errors and fix them. As a result, your computer will run faster again.

At regular intervals you should also use Disk Defrag. The program cleans up your PC and recovers storage space. However, you should allow time for a scan of your machine because the process takes a while.

If you have been using your operating system for a long time, you will no longer need any drivers that you can remove with the free Driver Fusion tool.

As soon as your hard disk space comes to an end, you should erase data as it slows down the PC. The RidNacs program shows you where most of the memory is consumed, allowing you to selectively delete data.

After identifying sprout-eating programs, Revo Uninstaller will help you remove them completely.

More tools and tips – Optimize Windows for free

Often, garbage accumulates because deleted files are moved to the recycle bin and continue to consume disk space there. To prevent this, open the Recycle Bin> “Trash Properties” and select “Delete Files Immediately”.

Some programs do not need to be permanently installed on the PC. You can use a USB stick to have useful programs and tools available via stick.

If you have to rebuild your PC unexpectedly, regular backups save a lot of work. Paragon Backup & Recovery is suitable for such security backups.